Second Tuesday

Where will you be the second Tuesday, each month of the school year?

Remember: The Bloomfield PTSA meets the second Tuesday of each Month, September through June. Watch for the 2019-20 Bloomfield School District Calendar to see the PTSA’s meeting and movie dates for next year.

Thank You!

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Sneakpeek: Picture Days

Here’s a sneak peek for next year’s school picture dates:

Monday: 9/23/19
Retake date: Friday, 11/1/19

Middle School/High School
Monday, Tuesday: 9/9 and 9/10, 2019
Retake date: Tuesday, 10/15/2019

Notes: These dates are subject to change. Contact your school principal to confirm.

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2019-20 Membership

Join the PTSA today! Your membership helps us plan events and activities for the next school year. Get a jump on next year: 2019-2020 Bloomfield PTSA Membership Form

There are still committee and membership opportunities open for next year. Contact the to learn more! Thank you.

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Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation 
Friday, June 21, 2019
Performing Arts Center, 2 pm

Kindergarten students, families and guests: Enjoy cake, cookies and juice from the Bloomfield PTSA as we celebrate the Class of 2031. Ceremony starts at 2 pm. Refreshments served directly after.

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Box Tops Contest Winner

Congratulations to Mrs Rogers’ third grade class. Enjoy your pizza party from the Bloomfield PTSA!

Thank you to everyone who turned in labels from specially-marked General Mills products. The PTSA received over 10,000 Box Tops labels. That’s more than $1,000 for the Bloomfield School District.

Remember: The PTSA accepts Box Tops labels all year long. You can bring labels to the Elementary, Middle School or High School office at anytime during the year, even over the summer. Each label is worth 10 cents for our school.

Thank you!

*Next year, you will be able to use an app on your phone to collect even more labels, even more easily!

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Last Meeting 6/11

June 2019 PTSA Meeting
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Elementary Cafeteria, 7 pm

Last ptsa meeting of the school year.

If no one joins the board for 2019-20, the ptsa will not be able to operate next year.
If someone does not volunteer to assist with a fundraiser, the ptsa can not continue.

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5/14 PTSA Meeting

May 2019 PTSA Meeting
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Elementary Cafeteria, 7 pm

Come on, guys! No attendance at the April PTSA Meeting. No Attendance at the PTSA’s district budget review meeting on May 7. The Bloomfield PTSA needs your participation. If people don’t join the PTSA Board for the next school year (2019-20), the current outgoing members can’t guarantee uninterrupted PTSA activity. No people, no PTSA 🙁


Update: No attendance. Again.

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Appreciation Schedule

Bloomfield Teachers and Staff: Please come! We have so much planned!
2019 Appreciation Week

The Bloomfield PTSA, with help from the Elementary Student Council, the Middle School/High School National Honor Society, volunteers and parent donations, has planned an entire week of food and fun for the teachers and staff of the Bloomfield School District. Thank you for all the good you do every day!

Monday, May 6: Continental Breakfast
7 am – Middle School/High School, Staff Lounge
8 am – Elementary School, Staff Lounge in the Primary Wing

Wednesday, May 8: Lunch, Middle/High School
10:45 am – Middle School/High School, Staff Lounge

Thursday, May 9: Lunch, Elementary School
11:30 am – Elementary School, Staff Lounge in the Primary Wing

Friday, May 10: Afternoon Snack
10:45 am – Middle School/High School, Staff Lounge
11:30 am – Elementary School, Staff Lounge in the Primary Wing

* Raffle Winners Selected Every Day During the Week

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Amazon Smile

Help support the Bloomfield PTSA. Thank you!

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Help: 2019-20 PTSA Board

New people are desperately needed for the next school year! Please consider volunteering for board or committee position with the Bloomfield PTSA.

Contact us to learn more:

Thank you.

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